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   We use laser equipment in more and more fields of materials treatment. The main reason is the higher speed of the process, and a minimum of mechanical waste.



- We produce lasers since 1999. Currently we offer cutting and engraving machines. 

- We supply general-use lasers, which can be used for the following activities: cutting, welding, drilling, marking, and engraving. 



- High precision, industry controls, siphoning devices, if desired

- Robust durable mechanical components

- CO2 or ND:Yag lasers with low operating costs

- Standard machines which cut traverse paths from 400x400 mm to 2300x1400 mm 

- Special requests for newly produced machines are also fulfilled.


- In addition to a variety of standard mechanics, we offer our clients the option of determining their own traverse paths. The machines are built from light and stable aluminum profiles, which allow a dynamic work. The linear guides are made of tempered steel.


- The customers may also choose the appropriate control. We offer ready-made 6-axis controls; with the appropriate drivers (software); we can also ship the CAD-CAM software, with post-processor or recommend a packet. We can also offer many controls with more than six axes. 


- We will pick your laser depending on your needs; Nd:YAG or CO2, pulsed or CW. We are willing to support and advise you in your selection.


- Once all components have been determined, we will build your equipment according to your needs and budget. It will be inexpensive with all the qualities that you need, such as cooling, active suction devices, housing, etc. As we produce many individual pieces, we offer optimal solutions with no supplementary price. Our way of construction gives us the flexibility.



If you need an offer for laser equipment, tell us what materials, strengths, and formats should be handled. Describe the assignment as precisely as possible, so that we are able to offer you the most appropriate system.