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In the last two years, we have developed products for remote- controlled helicopters, airplanes and drones, which are currently in production.



- After a long development and test phase, our stabilizing circuits for model helicopters are ready for production.

Learn to fly, or practice on one of these machines is easy for anyone. You won’t be using a simulator on a computer, but with your new model helicopter. It will not be in any danger. When you don’t know how you’re doing, or don’t know what to do, release the manual control, and your helicopter will simply hover where it is. The surprising thing is that all this is offered at a price that is lower than recovering from a helicopter crash.



The second surprise is…

After we taught our helicopters how to fly stabilized, how it can fly without, or even despite the pilot, we began the next development: we’ve taught the helicopter to fly upside down. The test phase was carried out by two professional pilots.

Moreover, we got beginners involved, to demonstrate that even novices can come to use the system. The results were surprising; they were able to bring one of our models up to two or three meters, put the remote control on the ground, and simply watched the helicopter hover.



- Stabilized normal flight (Stabilizer), or normal and upside down flight (Stabilizer 3D)

- Intended for helicopters with or without a stabilizing axis, for photo and video helicopters, as a learning tool for novices, as support for advanced pilots, and as an interception net for specialists {unclear}.

- Compatible with all PPM receivers, with all Futaba PCM receivers, and with all JR/Graupner SPCM receivers.

- Compatible with analogue and digital servos.

- Resolution of 8,192 steps.

- You are able to set the sensibility of the sender and remote control unit, so that they recognize each other.

- Compatible with 2 servo / 90 degree linkage, and 3 servo / 120 degree linkage, with automatic recognition of linkage type, and controls two or three servos. A 90 degree linkage with three or four servos is not supported, and must not be attempted, as it could lead to mechanical or electronic damage. A H4 90 degree 4 servo version has been available since summer of 2005.

- Exclusively intended for outdoors use.

- Compact measurements and a low weight


Remote control: 22 x 25 x 8mm, 11g

Sensor unit:  28 x 34 x 9mm, 20g

Electric requirements: max. 20 mA

Voltage:  4V to 10V.


Futaba T14MZ PCM 3rd generation (2048 steps G3 PCM) - the Stabilizer and Stabilizer 3D can be used with the G3 PCM, the new Futaba T14MZ equipment:

for 90° swash plate - Roll on channel 4, nod on 5,  sense on 7 or 8;

for 120° swash plates - Roll on channel 4, nod on 5,  sense on 7, 8 or 9; Roll2 with channel 7, 8 or 9 



Stabiliser             EUR 229,- 

Stabiliser 3D        EUR 279,-

Stabiliser H4        EUR 229,- 

Stabiliser 3D-H4  EUR 279,-


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