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3D Printers2_1  Prise: 1.690,00 €
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Maximum: up to 200 mm/s*
*Subject to materials, profiles and software used.

Resolution: Up to 20 microns

Printer without PLA reel: (X) 508.06 x (Y) 393.38 x (Z) 461 mm
Printer with PLA reel: (X) 508.06 x (Y) 485.08 x (Z) 461 mm
Exterior box: (X) 610 x (Y) 510 x (Z) 709 mm
Print volume: (X) 297 x (Y) x 210 (Z) 200 mm

1.75 mm diameter filaments: PLA, wood, bronze, copper and FilaFlex.

Own design extruder with Double Drive Gear traction setting and filament guide to maintain compatibility with flexible or soft filaments.
Hot-end designed for easy maintenance
0.4mm nozzle for 1.75mm filament
Finned dissipator with axial fan controlled by firmware
Printed cooling blower

Powder-coated steel frame
Hard chrome bars for the X and Y axes
Lineal ball bearings for the X and Y axes
4-thread ballscrew with direct coupling to motor on the Z axis
Rails and ball runners on the Z axis
Powder-coated steel supports and moving parts
A4 glass cold bed (305 x 220 mm)
3-point print bed levelling system with shock absorber
Rapid system for changing the print bed using neodymium magnets

BQ Zum CNC controller
BQ Zum Inductive Sensor to aid levelling of the bed
BQ Zum LCD Smart Controller
Power supply 12V 150W
100K thermistor on the hot-end
Heat cartridge 12V 40W
Optimised ribbon cables


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 3D Printers_2  Prise:

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1.600,00 €
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- Manufactured in Spain, with CE certification and 24 month guarantee.

- Home printer with a large print volume of size: DIN-A4 (21x29.7cm) up to 20cm height
- It prints large size figures (up to 20cm height) or with several parts at the same time.
- Completely closed design that prevents accidental access during printing, minimises noise and keeps temperature constant inside the printer.
- Front door with interlock system which makes it particularly safe in areas with children.
- With a printing system inspired in Fibonacci’s curve. Due to this system, filament feeding tubes are inside the printer and do not stick out.
- It allows to create a printer network and to stack several bq Witbox on top of each other.
- It includes a variable air flow system that cools plastic faster.
High resolution and detailed printing with precise layers of up to 50 microns
- It may be used with open source software