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After an extended period of research, development and testing, we have had CNC controls for both servomotors as well as for step motors since 2003. We can also deliver suitable motors and software.



- After lengthy research, development and testing, we have included servo motors and step motors into our program. We offer ready-made 6-axis controls; with the appropriate drivers (software); we can also ship the CAD-CAM software, with post-processor or recommend a packet. We can also offer many controls with more than six axes. The CNC controls can be accessed through a PC with Win2000 or WinXP; the driver software is shipped with the product. Let us convince you with our cost-benefit analysis! Our range of products includes the whole spectrum, from low power, to controls with 8 kW per axis. We also prepare precision cross tables with high end laser equipment and 3000*1500 mm traverse paths.



- Up to six axes are standard; more than six axes are also possible

- Output power of up to 40 A, 200 V per Axis (8 kW Motors)

- Appropriate servomotors with confectioned cables

- Win2000 or WinXP real-time drivers, light connections

- PC controlled; processor minimum of 500 MHz

- Double screened PUR servo connections

- Top quality, made in Austria

- If You want we will also deliver a PC with drivers installed and pre-programmed

- You simply have to mechanically attach the motors to your machine.



- Output power up to 7A, 82V per axis

- 10 microsteps with fitted motor impedance in the circuit

- Unshakable spinning motor; you won’t notice that it is a stepper

- Otherwise similar to the Servomotor models


- The controls are good, not only for new machines, but also for upgrades made to legacy hardware. Many customers simply order individual components (such as servo motors or controls), and build their systems themselves. Many prefer a completely pre-configured model (Control PC, screen, CNC control, servo or step motor, and all necessary cables). You can get the whole package, or just what you want, without supplementary pricing. Our logistic system allows us to be flexible without complications, and you, the customer, get the savings.



- Do you have questions, or would you like an offer? Please tell us if you want a servo or a step motor, how many axes, type and number of motors, and the length of servo connections for individual axes. Even if you don’t buy your motors from us, we need your technical data, so that we can determine correct electrical needs, couplings, and cables.