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We can produce 3D forms with high precision to any degree of complexity using modern CNC equipment. We begin with simple engraving, letters, 2D forms, or milling schemes, to 3D forms, or models using open area in metal finishing.



- High precision and reproducibility

- Articles up to 1400x1000x250 mm

- Very economic

- Short delivery times



-Synthetics with many applications; functions best with Plexiglas.We can make inexpensive models and a silicon cast form.

- Cibatool - Various Cibatool-block materials are ideal for prototypes, styling models, work models, substructures and even metal work tools. 

- Coloured metals- Many shapes undergo high thermal or mechanical stresses. Aluminum and brass are ideal materials for tools.

- We can currently cut 3D tools from wood, synthetics, substructures (Cibatool) or colored metals (aluminum or brass) up to 1400x1000x250 mm using CNC milling. Larger shapes can, of course, be constructed using several pieces.

- We can represent various shapes precisely. We begin with a simple engraving or 2D shape, and mill three dimensionally.

Thus, we are able to represent various forms very precisely, whether simple engraving, letters, or 2D shapes, milling, or even 3D deep drawing, or free-modelling with metals.

What information do we need from you?

- A surface model (please convert solids into surfaces!) in one of the following formats: *.igs, *.3dm, *.dwg or *.dxf . If you have problems preparing a file, please contact our CNC team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.