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Functional models, casting molds, test equipment, special tools, machine prototypes and architecture models from all materials. We are the most modern model-building firm in Vienna, as we work with CNC machines, and have over ten years of professional experience.



- Architectural models, cast moulds, test equipment, special tools, machine prototypes, controls, CNC machines, etc.

- As we work with various assignments and problems, we would like you to present us with concrete assignment, with which we can assist you.



- versatile know-how

- modern technology

- many years of experience



- With our ten years of professional experience, and by using CNC machines, we are currently the most modern model construction company in Vienna. We make architectural models from any material, showing simple overviews of buildings to highly complex, abstract, or accurate representations. We also construct various pieces you might need.



- Any material

- Modern processing technology, with as much detail as you desire

- Lasers, 3D milling, deep-drawing, composite materials, etc.

- The only limits are your budget and delivery time