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We produce high quality digital and analogue photographs and video recordings using remote controlled model helicopters; that is why we can have access to locations which larger helicopters do not have access.



We produce high quality photo and video recordings by remote-controlled model helicopters. We can use either digital or analogue photos or videos. We also record from locations to which larger helicopters do not have access.

We offer digital and analogue aerial recordings from model helicopters. You can order video or photos from us at a far lower price than others will offer, because we can afford to stay in the air longer than larger helicopters and professional photographers can. That's why we can take more samples. If the light is not right, postponing the filming is less costly than by other firms. Our system makes us more flexible. Renting one of our machines is less expensive than renting a real helicopter.

During the development of photo-helicopters, we learned that taking quality pictures was no an easy matter. This is why we created an intelligent stabilizing circuit for the helicopter. Now that the helicopter performs as expected, we have made a camera platform. Further developments make it possible to locate and to focus on different objects. This allows us to continuously center any object we would like to film.



- filming from several hundred meters in the air

- filming property, areas with high traffic, buildings

- filming competitions

- filming panoramas

photo and video recordings