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www.prototype-ltd.com – the Internet platform www.cutashape.com is a common project of GL and Prototype Ltd., several developments for the glass industry and special designs also in co-operation developed.

Lichtplanung jungle-schmid, wien – with engineer Johannes Jungel Schmid has GL several innovative developments within the range of the illuminating engineering.

www.cutashape.com – cutashape is a subsidiary company of GL and Prototype Ltf. World-wide the first internet platform for on-line production.

www.oebb.at – a stroke elevator system of the Austrian Raiways was developed together with the company Vertically Products – the 2 axes lift control system made by GL, the mechanical construction made by Vertical.

www.plus-architecture.net – co-operation to digital 3D production methods and technologies, common research projects.

www.dieangewandte.at – apart from common research projects with GL, Ivan Tochev lectures CNC – computer numeric control at the University For Applied Art – Vienna

www.modellbau123.at – our sales parther for electronics developments for the model construction range and supervisor of our test team

three dee papa pete – our test pilot Peter Türk, aka Three Dee Papa Pete, highly gifted 3D-pilot.

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