GENERAL LASER has been causing a sensation with its range of lasers, illuminating engineering, prototypes, controls, electronics, and avionics for seven years. We began with know-how, and have since developed perfect solutions, products and services. We would like to thank you cordially for your interest and enthusiasm in our products. That shows us just how well we meet your requirements.

   GENERAL LASER was founded in 1999 by the brothers Dimitre and Ivan Tochev after many years of practice and experience with various airplanes, mechanical engineering, laser technology and electronics. The philosophy from the beginning has always been to offer a solution as simple as possible, even for the most complicated technical tasks. This approach with has led to many inventions and several patents. Our know-how and versatile knowledge allow us to look from a completely different points of view when trying to solve “unsolvable” problems. Half of the expenditures of the company are in the field of research and development, which allows us to project us being ahead of the market. Scientists, electronics and mechanical engineers, product designers, model construction professionals and artists belong to our development team, which leads to outstanding synergies.

Ivan Tochev