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3Dsurvey Monthly Subscription

Продажна цена 240,00 €
Продажна цена без данък 200,00 €
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3Dsurvey Monthly Subscription

3Dsurvey software and documentation are supplied electronically, in the form of the license key (alpha-numeric code) and the web link to the 3Dsurvey software. This key allows to run 3Dsurvey software on one computer (or more in case of a multi-user license) simultaneously, however, it can be transferred between multiple computers by deactivating/activating it in the 3Dsurvey GUI. It needs internet connection when 3Dsurvey is restarted in order to verify the license and subscription terms.

Key Features of 3Dsurvey:

Dense 3D Point Cloud - a basis for any further processing, reconstruction and modelling
Digital Terrain Model - fully geo-referenced, spatially orientated, complete overview of terrain configuration
Volume calculation - excavated material, quarry and open-pit mine volume calculations and change detection, complete overview of terrain configuration - kex element in landslide monitoring and landmass movement detection
Orthophoto - highly accurate digital orthophoto generation
Height map and Terrain Elevation - key element in flood risk management and spatial planning
Profile lines and Cross sections - single-click profile calculation and on-the-fly visualization and reporting
Contour lines - 3D and 2D contour maps, key element of any survey map or a topographical map
3D Spatial Measurements - enables user to post-process, investigate or measure any detail
Visualization and Customization of 3D data - full freedom when it comes to comparing different projects, moving, rotating or layering different models or sets of data clouds - beneficial to large-scale planning and excavation projects
Multispectral image processing - NDVI index mapping, multi-spectral orthophoto generation, used in agriculture - precision farming - to perform soil and plant chemical element analysis for better crop production
Thermographic image processing - thermographic orthophoto generation, used in construction to calculate and visualize thermal losses and monitor energy efficiency

Support & Upgrades

3Dsurvey Monthly Subscription includes online based technical support and updates of the software for the whole duration of subscription period.


Subscription is automatically extended each month as to prevent loss of access to projects. Users can unsubscribe any time with the subscription plan being valid and charged until the end of paid period.