AgileX R&D Kit

AgileX R&D Kit from AgileX Robotics

AgileX R&D Kit

The Dedicated Educational Purpose Development KIT. The ROS/Rviz/Gazebo/Nomachine ready development KIT customized for robotics education and industrial application development.


A fully integrated solution for robotics research and development with our Scout Mini platform. Equipped with a full suite of sensors to support indoor SLAM, Navigation and Vision based applications. A powerful NVIDIA Jetson Nano computer comes pre-installed with Linux and ROS Ubuntu 18.4. Scout Mini Development kit accelerates robotics applications and research by eliminating the need to design, manufacture and Integrate a complex robotic system. 



Research and Development kit

Research and Development kit - Pro


What' s included?

Nvidia Jetson Nano

  • ARM A57 @ 1.43 GHz CPU
  • 128 Maxwell GPU
  • 4GB 64 LPDDR4 25.6GB/s
  • HDMI/DP, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 Micro-B

Nvidia Xavier

  • ARM v8.2 64 CPU
  • 512 Tensor Core Volta GPU
  • 32 GB 256 LPDDR4x
  • 32 GB eMMC 5.1
  • HDMI 2.0, USB 3.1, RJ45

EAI-G4 Lidar

  • Rotate 360-degree scanning dis-tances measurement and 0.26-0.3° angular resolution
  • 5-12Hz scanning frequency and
  • 9000 times/S high-speed ranging 0.1-16m ranging radius
  • magnetic wireless technology and low-loss industrial design

VLP16 Lidar

  • 360° horizontal scanning and 0.1-0.4° angular resolution
  • ±15° Vertical scanning and 2° angular resolution
  • 5-20Hz scanning frequency, up to 300,000 point-data/S output and 01-100m ranging radius
  • IP67 protection level and ultra-long service life


Intel Realsense D435 stereo depth camera

  • FOV =87° X 58°
  • Depth output resolution 1280 X 720
  • Depth frame rate up to 90 fps
  • Ideal ranger .3m to 3m

Portable 11.6 inch monitor 

  • 480g/8mm ultra-thi
  • 1920*1080P
  • USB Type-C direct connection


Full integration (Hardware / Software / Mounting) 

  • Pre-installed with Linux and ROS Ubuntu 18.4
  • Pre-installed hardware drivers allowing all sensors to be controlled by onboard PC.
  • Fully integrated sensor mounting plates. Methodically designed for highest IP rating, and best placement of sensor. Allows for easy access and additional integration of new components.
  • Compatible with Scout Mini, Tracer, SCOUT2,0 and BUNKER.


Onboard open source SLAM based mapping 

  • Development tools include viz, Gazebo and Nomachine. Communication (Ros) nodes are provided for mapping and navigation.