Unitree B1

Unitree B1 from Unitree Robotics

Unitree B1

Industrial Grade robot from Unitree with Super Large Load, Dustproof and Waterproof.

Product Parameters

Size(Standing) - 1108mm × 461mm × 671mm
Weight (With Battery) - 50kg
Ingress Protection - IP68
Endurance Time - 2-4h
Max Walking Load (Payload) - 40kg
Max Standing Load - 104kg
Max Walking Speed 1.8m/s
Fording Depth - 1m


Obstacle Crossing Ability

Stairways - ≥20cm
Slopes - 35°


Perception System

Perceptual Controller - Jetson Xavier NX*3
Depth Camera - Provide (5 pairs) 


Product Configuration

Max Instantaneous Torque Of Knee Joint - 210N.m
Gigabit Network Port - Provide
External Interface - Equipped with optical (gigabit network port) x 6, RS485 x 4, USB x 5, CAN x 4


Functions & Equipment

5G wireless network communication, GNSS acquisition (GPS, Beidou, etc.), over the horizon remote control and map transmission. - Standart Configuration
Smart manipulator, autonomous charging pile, PTZ camera, security patrol mounting platform, emergency rescue mounting platform. - Optional