A1 Motor

A1 Motor for Unitree A1 from Unitree Robotics

A1 Motor

Stable and efficient, easy to maintain


Maximum Torque 33.5N.m
Weight about 605g
Operating Voltage 12~30V (Recommended Voltage:24V)
Maximum Current 40A
Maximum Speed 21.0 rad/s (24V Power Supply)
Torque Constant 0.8372N.m/A
Communication Method RS 485
Communication Control Frequency 1K
Temperature Sensor Equipped
Motor End Encoder Resolution 15bit
Motor-aware Feedback Torque, Angle, Angular Velocity, Angular Acceleration, Temperature
Motor Control Instructions Torque, Angle, Angular Velocity, Stiffness, Damping






Cross Roller


Temperature &

Position Sensor

Low Copper

consumption coil

Instant Burst Outstanding Power

It can adapt to a variety of heavy load mechanical equipment such as legged robot. More torque. More stable

The maximum output torque is 33.5N.m. Easy to achieve powerful instant power

21 rad / s joint maximum speed makes the instantaneous speed increase beyond imagination


21 rad / s
Maximum Joint Velocity
Maximum Joint Torque


Motor Velocity Field Chart
Thousands of times of velocity streamline calculation Ensure the stability and reliability of the motor in any scenario

Highly Integrated
It integrates motor body and controller, and thus removes cumbersome connecting lines.
Oulet connectors support plug-and-play function.
Quick disassembly design makes maintenance easier
The enclosed design can prevent dust from entering into the motor

Optimize Magnetic Circuit Design
Improve magnetic flux utilization. The back EMF is sinusoidal. Low cogging torque


Super large industrial grade

cross roller bearing

Read sensor data

in real time

Resistance to axial impact
High precision and long life

Motor perception feedback: torque, angle, angular

speed, angular acceleration, temperature
Motor control command: torque, angle, angular

speed, stiffness, damping


Temperature Detection Sensor
Motor with temperature detection sensor
It can effectively prevent the motor from being damaged due to abnormal temperature


High Quality Electromagnetic Wire And Iron Core Technology

  • The electromagnetic wire adopts the technology of dipping paint to make the motor temperature get better heat dissipation
  • Single stranded copper wire. Reduce copper consumption and current interference between copper wires. At the same time, make the motor more beautiful
  • The iron core adopts electrophoresis and high temperature resistant coating technology. It can pass the 48 hour salt spray test. Super rust proof, temperature resistant and pressure resistant
  • Choose 0.2mm silicon steel sheet material to reduce iron consumption


FOC Control Characteristic Curve
FOC control. Torque fluctuation is small. Low noise. Smoother operation


Reasonable Body Design

  • Ultra thin design
  • Use every 0.1 mm space accurately
  • Planetary reducer with limit optimization
  • Multi-function. Small fuselage. Weight only 605g

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