A1 Battery

A1 Battery for Unitree A1 from Unitree Robotics

A1 Battery

Power your robot


High-Performance Robot
Dedicated Battery
Greater Current And Power, More Reliable And Safer, Smarter BMS


Battery Parameters

Product: Al Robot Dedicated Battery

Battery Type: Polymer Lithium Ion Battery

Weight: 870g

Charging Limit Voltage: DC25.2V

Model: A101-BTO1

Rated Capacity: 4200mAh 90.72Wh

Size: 80mm * 145mm * 80mm

Maximum Charging Power: 100.8W



Super Battery Life Version Strikes


Safe And Stable,
Independent Protection
Using high-performance polymer lithium-ion battery. Rated capacity up to 90.72Wh can provide up to 1 hour of battery life for the Al robot.
The advanced lithium battery management system performs charge and discharge protection on the bat-tery and self-discharge protection for long-term stor-age. This will ensure safe and reliable long-term use of the battery.
Due to the high efficiency and power of the battery cell, even the robot can handle the cool backflip action.


Charging Temperature Protection
Charging will damage the battery when the battery temperature is below 5 ° C or above 55 ° C. At this temperature, the battery will trig-ger abnormal charging.


Reset Protection
The battery charge is higher than 65%. After 10 days of storage without any operation, the battery will start self-dis-charge to 65% charge to pro-tect the battery. Each self-dis-charge process lasts about 1 hour.


Circuit Protection
Automatically balance the bat-tery cell voltage to protect the battery.


Overvoltage Protection
High current charging will seri-ously damage the battery. When the charging current is greater than 4A, the battery will stop charging.


Short Circuit Protection
When the battery detects a short circuit, it will cut off the output to protect the battery.


Discharge Protection
Excessive discharge will seri-ously damage the battery. The battery will cut off the output when the battery is discharged to 18V.


Overcharge Protection
Overcharging will seriously damage the battery. When the battery is fully charged, it will automatically stop charging.


Battery Protection
If no powered devices are con-nected, the battery will auto-matically shut down after 3 seconds when the battery is turned onseconds.



Process Design
High-precision CNC machine cutting. One-piece housing.
High structural strength. Drop resistant.
The surface is more resistant to sweat and corrosion. Suitable for carrying around.