AUTOKIT from AgileX Robotics


The Open Source Autonomous Driving Development KIT. Autonomous driving development KIT based on the Autoware open source framework.


AutoKit is an full-stack and cost-effective autonomous driving development and education kit based on open source software Autoware. It provides powerful autonomous driving sensor system to be seamlessly integrated into a variety of all-terrain robot chassis , to adapt to both urban road and off-road environments. With software and hardware platform stacks, plus comprehensive user guiders, AutoKit empowers educational experts and industry developers to easily and quickly deploy autonomous robots and develop autonomous driving research in various industries, to built and verify autonomous driving algorithms, saving research and development costs and sparking more possibilities. 


One-stop UGV+ Autonomous System Development Kit

Reliable 16-beam LiDAR

  • ±2cm ultrahigh precision
  • -600,000pts/s rich point cloud
  • perception distance up to 150m

full-stack Hardware+Software System

  • High-performance X86 industrial control system
  • Standard screen and industrial bracket
  • Pre-installed ROS nodes


Adapt to A Variety of Wire-control Chassis For All-terrain Scenarios


  • Ackerman Steering
  • 150KG Load
  • Conventional Highway Roadside


  • Tracked-wheel steering
  • Christie Suspension
  • Outdoor Obstacle Crossing & Climbing


  • Four-wheel Differential Rotation
  • Independent Suspension
  • Outdoor Obstacle Crossing & Climbing


  • Omnidirectional steering
  • Four Movement Types
  • Narrow and Irregular Spaces Movement


Quick Start of Autonomous Driving Development

  • Autonomous Path Planning
  • 3D Point Cloud Mapping
  • Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance


Rich Documens and Technical Support for Beginner to Advanced Developers

  • Built-in Application Cases
  • Rich ROS DEMO
  • User Manual
  • Technical Support



  • Education
  • Project Research
  • Autonomous Driving
  • Autonomous Robot 


Includes Table of Configuration List

8 cores 8 threads 3.0GHz

Max memory size 32GB 

Multi line lidar

Robosense RS-LiDAR-16

16 Channel, 905nm wave lenght,

 Accuracy +-2cm(typical),

Measurement range 20cm to 150m (on 20% reflectivity target),

data rate 320,000 pts/s


 Display Module

Liquid crystal display screen

mini-hdmi to hdmi wire

USB to Type-C wire


 Communication USB-to-CAN module
Power Module   24V to 12V 24V to 19V
 Communication Module lnterchanger 
 Compatible products





Wire controlling of the vehicle introduction, control the vehicle by ROS
Utilize 3D point cloud for localization and Navigation
Path planning with obstacle avoidance
Parking - Forward and Reverse
Lane Changes
Edit vector maps (Lane lines, zebra crossings, curbs, etc.)