Autopilot Kit

Autopilot Kit from AgileX Robotics

Autopilot Kit

The Outdoor Waypoint-based Autonomous Navigation Development KIT. he hardware and software solution that allows users to navigate by selecting GPS Waypoints which no need for prior mapping.


AgileX Autopilot Kit is a hardware and software solution that allows users to navigate by selecting GPS Waypoints, while also avoiding obstacles. It enables autonomous navigation and positioning, accurate route planning without the need for preloaded maps. Autopilot Kit is compatible with multiple high-performance AgileX chassis that provides out-standing off-road and climbing performance in scenarios such as agriculture, outdoor survey, construction and environmental monitoring, and perimeter security. 


Pixhawk 4 navigation i and flight control  Wireless WIFI
High-precision LiDAR RTK-GPS antenna
High-performance Industrial Personal Computer (IPC) Binocular camera 
Four-wheel drive differential mobile chassis Realsense camera


A Point to point


High-precision 3D


Autonomous obstacle


Four-wheel independent


CM-level RTK

autonomous positioning

Rich ROS

simulation demo


GPS waypoint navigation without preloaded map High-precision 3D mapping 2D Mapping


Traditional development process


Autopilot Kit-based development

Complex work for multiple sensors system fusion

One-stop powerful software and hardware system

Difficult to develop and valid Al algorithms

Built-in open source ROS with rich tutorials

low performance chassis and limited scenarios

Multiple robot chassis options within
off-road driving and climbing performance

Long process of components purchase

Start core R&D application quickly

High cost for research and development

 High cost-effective




Vehicle body
Model Scout Mini LxWxH (mm) 627x549x248
Front/rear wheelbase (mm) 450 Vehicle weight (KG) 20
Max speed without load (km/h) 10.8 Min turning radius Turnable in situ
Max climbing capacity 30° Min ground clearance (mm) 107
Front/rear wheelbase (mm) 450    
Binocular camera
Model Intel Realsense T265
Chip Movidius Myraid2
FoV Two fisheye lenses, combined with nearly hemispherical 163±5.
IMU BMI055 inertial measurement unit allows precision measurement of rotation and acceleration of equipment
Depth camera
Model Intel Realsense D435i
Depth technology Active IR Stereo
Depth stream output resolution Up to 1280*720
Depth stream output frame Up to 90fps
Min depth distance 0.1m
Laser radar
Model Rplidar S1
Laser ranging technology TOF
Measuring radius <40m
Sampling speed 9200 times/s
Measuring resolution >1cm
Scanning frequency 10Hz (8Hz-15Hz adjustable)
RTK-GPS module
Satellite signal Supported Types GPS / BDS / GLONASS / QZSS
RTK positioning accuracy horizontal 10mm +1ppm
vertical 15mm +1ppm
Orientation accuracy (RMS) 0.2° / 1m baseline 
Speed accuracy (RMS) 0.03m/s
Time accuracy (RMS) 20ns
Differential data RTCM2.x/3.x CMR CMR+
Data Format NMEA-0183, BINEX
Femtomes ASCII and Binary format
Data Update 1Hz / 5Hz / 10Hz / 20Hz (optional)
Pixhawk 4 Autopilot
FMU processor STM32 F765 
IO processor STM32 F100
Accel/Gyroscope ICM-20699
ACMEL/Gyroscope BMI055
Magnetometer IST8310
Barometer MS5611
Servo Guideway Input 0-36V
weight 158g
Size 44x84x12mm
GPS ublox Neo-M8N GPS/GLONASS receiver; integrated Magnetometer IST8310
Onboard Computer
Model X86
CPU I7-8th Generation
Memory 8G
Storage 128G solid state
System Ubuntu 18.04
ROS melodic


Chassis options

Scout Mini off-road version