HUNTER SE from AgileX Robotics


HUNTER SE is the Ackerman front steering drive-by-wire chassis designed for the challenging road conditions and speed requirements of urban roads. It features an ultra-compact design with the cutting-edge speed of 4.8m/s.


    Driveing Speed Up to 4.8m/s   

    Climb Grade Up to 30°   


HUNTER SE is the Ackerman front steering drive-by-wire chassis designed for the challenging road condi­tions and speed requirements of the urban roads. It features an ultra-compact design with cutting-edge speed of 4.8m/s, better climbing capability and overcoming obstacles. Based on modular design and stan­dard CAN interface, user can easily install and expand series autonomous system components to realize au­tonomous driving and commercial robot applications such as parcel delivery, unmanned logistics, un­manned meal delivery, scenic spot patrolling, etc.


Upgraded Power System for High-speed Driving

Inherited the simplified design and steel body of the HUNTER series, the HUNTER SE, with an up¬graded power system and the in-wheel hub motor technology, can provide a high driving speed of up to 4.8m/s. Taking the advantage of front steering similar to motor vehicles, the HUNTER SE can precisely control the motion while minimizing the wear and tear of the tier, suitable for long-time challenging indoor and outdoor operations.

  • Upgraded Driving Speed
  • Better Climb Capability
  • High Load Capacity


Modular Shock Absorption Systems Portable Replacement Battery

The HUNTER SE has a combination of modular shock absorption systems including a swing arm at the front wheel and independent suspension at the back wheel, which enable it to easily traverse bumpers on city roads and climb ramps in industrial parks. With the onboard battery management system and the quick release battery replacement design, your robot can enjoy non-stop operation of achieving high efficiency in different commercial autonomous driving applications.

  • Modular Shock Absorption

            Swing arm, independent suspension

  • In-wheel Hub Motor
  • Quick to replace Battery



Designed for the challenging road conditions and speed requirements of the urban roads, the HUNTER SE is dedicated to the development and commercial implementation of robotics and autonomous driving ap­plications, including autonomous parcel delivery, unmanned logistics, unmanned food delivery, un­manned patrolling, etc.


Expandable Load to Support Rapid Secondary Development

HUNTER SE can easily integrate third-party sensors, IMU and more in need to quickly build the robotic applications through the CAN protocol, as well as easy to access power from HUNTER SE. Also, we provide rich open-source SDK and ROS_PACKAGE.

  • Reserve standard profile holes to support quick construction of the top loads(Sensing, IPC, IMU, router, camera, etc. 
  • Support custom design of aluminum sensor bracket
  • Support more advanced autonomous driving systems(Such as ROS, Apollo, etc.)





External power supply


Height 123mm Power Drive Rear wheel hub motor driven
Weight 42kg Motor 350W"2 (Brushless DC motor)
MAXIMUM PAYLOAD 50kg Operating temperature -20°C -60°C
MAX SPEED 4.8m/s Communication interface Standard CAN
Climbing Ability 30° (No load) Protection Level IP55
Minimum Turning Radius


Battery 24V30Ah lithium battery
Obstacle Surmounting Capacity



AC220V Independent charger

Battery Running Time 2-3h Charging Time


Running mileage >30km Braking Method