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Unitree A1 from Unitree Robotics
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Unitree A1

More Dexterity, More Possibilities


  • Excellent Athletic Performance
  • Reliable Stability
  • Multi Eye Intelligent Depth Camera
  • Real Time HD Video Transmission
  • Patented Dynamic System
  • Character Follow
  • Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance
  • Visual SLAM
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Secondary Development


4 Foot Pressure Sensor

Accurate access to foot support information more reliable, efficient and convenient 


Multiple External Interfaces

HDMI x2, Ethernet Portx2, USB 3.0x4


Electric Motor

  • Joint torque: 33.5NM
  • Maximum joint velocity: 21 rad / s
  • Quick disassembly and easy mainte-nance
  • Industrial grade cross roller bearing long life, axial impact resistance
  • Access to all sensor data
  • Position, speed and torque commands can be sent separately for each motor


Payload: 5kg
Endurance Time: 1-2.5h
2 Real Time Operating Systems
3 Protection Modes


Multi Eye Intelligent Depth Camera

  • Active infrared stereo depth technology
  • 1080P camera resolution
  • Depth distance 0.3-10m
  • Error accuracy within 2 meters is less than 2%


Higher Running Speed

  • Maximum continuous outdoor running speed at 3.3m/s (11.88km/h).
  • The fastest and most stable small and medium sized quadruped robot on the market. (World Record: 3.7m/s on a treadmill by MIT)
  • With the potential to be a great jogging companion.


Excellent Motion Stability

  • Advanced dynamic balancing algorithm enables A1 to quickly reach balance in different situations like impact or fall.


Patented Power System

  • The ultimate power system brings excellent performance, which is perfect of all kinds of robot competitions.
  • Crucial for high-speed running
Function / Specification A1 Motor Comparable Competitors1
Maximun torque 33.5 N·m about 18 N·m
Weight 605g 480 ~ 550g
Joint Angular Acceleration Feedback Equipped No
Torque / Weight Ratio 55.37 N·m/kg 37.5 ~ 32.73 N·m/kg
Encoder Resolution 15bit 14bit
Output Bearing Reliability Large size reliable industrial cross roller bearings. Conventional thin wall bearings, which are fragile after falling or under axial impacts.


Patented Body Structure and Layout

  • High strength and light body structure. Easy to maintain. 24V external power input. 5V, 12V, 19V power supply. Convenient for additional external equipments.
  • Equipped with high-performance dual master control (sensing master control and motion master control).
  • External interface: 4USB, 2HDMI, 2*Ethernet
  • Master control can be upgraded to TX2.
  • Standard equipments include RealSense depth cameras.
  • Capable of map building and obstacle avoidance.


Patented Sensitive foot contact

  • Integrated force sensor at each foot end. Convenient for robot to obtain realtime contact states of feet under any situations.
  • More accurate and sensitive than those systems that estimate feet contacts using motor currents.
  • Integrate foot contact sensor with estimated motor current foot sensor, providing more sensitivity and reliability
  • Foot end is waterproof and dust-proof, and easy to replace after wear and tear.

Vision-based Autonomous Object Tracking

  • Realtime tracking of objects within visual range.
  • Support online machine learning of the target features.
  • Displaying the confidence of tracking using color box (green → red, 100% → 0%)

Vision-based Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance

  • Avoid obstacle within 0.8m of the robot's visual range
  • Capable of detecting the obstacle shapes to adjust the body position
  • Realtime display of the adjustment of robot body, maximum distance and area within the visual angle, and the range of walking track.


Choose To Assemble High Precision Lidar

  • Support map building, autonomous positioning, navigation planning and dynamic obstacle avoidance


Friendly User Interface

  • The user PC can directly connect the robot's built-in dual main control and bottom controller with Ethernet
  • Convenient for real-time data transmission such as visual perception
  • Access to lower-level control. It can read and control all motors and sensors of the robot in real time. Easy to use open source robot algorithm directly
  • Access to high-level control. It can directly send high-level movement commands such as forward, backward, left and right movements to the robot



Outstanding Software and Hardware Reliability

  • More than 6 years in the field of quadruped robot
  • One A1 robot performed backflip 80 times during CES 2020
  • Used closed-loop backflip algorithm to ensure motion stability