GL MATE 100 is a professional laser distance meter for outdoor measurement.
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is a professional laser distance meter for indoor and outdoor measurement.

  • Thanks to the creative skeleton design, robust housing and compact inner structure, GL MATE 100 can offer the amazing features of IP65 waterproof and super long lifespan.
  • With 2-inch colored touch display, it can also provide better visual experience.
  • What's more, GL MATE 100 has reached up to IP65 that the water and dust proof could be truly fulfilled GL MATE 100 integrated 4x Zoom camera, which could help find the target in sunshine or longer range, as well as allowing user to measure more accurate within the extended range of 200m.
  • The built-in gyro enabling the 3D measurement, P2P function shall be able to measure distance between any two points.
  • The embedded Bluetooth technology can support real time data transmission.
  • Dual power supply can offer more options not limited to rechargeable NI-MH batteries but also AAA alkaline batteries.
  • GL MATE 100 also integrated angle sensor to realize real-time angle measurement.
  • GL MATE 100 offering comprehensive measuring functions of Area, Volume, Pythagoras, Auto Level, Auto Height, besides, it also introduces the measurement of Circular area, Cylindrical volume, trapezoid, stake-out and time-delayed measurement, which can satisfy all the needs from different users.



 Measuring Range 1



 Measuring Accuracy 2



 Single Distance Measurement


 Continuous Measurement


 Area Measurement



 Volume Measurement



 Pythagoras (2-point)



 Pythagoras {3-point) (1)



 Pythagoras {3-point) (2)



 Auto Level



 Auto Height



 Point to Point (P2P)



 Trapezium Measurement (1)



 Trapezium Measurement (2)



 Triangle Area Measurement



 Circular Area Measurement



 Cylindrical Volume Measurement



 Stake Out



 Time-delayed Measurement



 Point Finder



 Constant Settings









 Tilt Sensor






 Data Export





 1000 Sets

 Measuring Reference



 Measuring Units



 Auto Power Switch-off


 After 180s

 Screen Display


 2“ Coloured Touch Display

 Screen Rotation



 Protection Class



 Laser Class


 Class 2

 Class Type



 Battery Type


 3 x AAA Nl-MH rechargable

 Operating Temperature


 -10'C/+40'C (14°F+140°F)

 Dimension (mm)



 Weight with battery (g)