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RTK Receivers

An RTK receiver, also known as a Real-Time Kinematic receiver, is a sophisticated GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) device that offers highly accurate positioning in real-time. By utilizing correction data from a base station, the RTK receiver allows for a centimeter-level precision, making its application essential in the fields such as surveying, precision agriculture, and autonomous vehicles.

- Emlid

Emlid provides competitively priced RTK GNSS receivers with centimeter-level accuracy, offering top-notch technical performance yet within the convenient framework of a remarkably straightforward setup.

General Laser serves as a development partner and is the exclusive distributor of Emlid products in Europe.

- Mapping Kits

Enjoy next-level convenience with our comprehensive kits, designed to help you get started effortlessly. When you make a purchase from us, you gain access to premium customer support and receive expert assistance with the setup process, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

- Handheld

Handheld offers ruggedized Android tablets and phablets designed for surveying. With the Emlid Flow App installed, you can easily conduct point collection and stakeout tasks in any conditions, ensuring accurate and reliable performance throughout your surveying endeavors.

Lidar Sensors & Scanners

Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) is a rapidly evolving technology, that is implemented in industries such as automation, robotics, and infrastructure. Lidar sensors create an accurate 3D point cloud of the environment, enabling their application for mapping, navigation, and security purposes.

- Ouster Sensors

Ouster is an American manufacturer of reasonably priced cutting-edge Lidar sensors.
Ouster's prominence in the Lidar industry is reinforced by strategic partnerships with renowned companies across multiple industries.

General Laser is a distributor and integration partner of Ouster in the DACH region and Bulgaria.

- Innoviz Sensors

Innoviz produces automotive-grade solid-state Lidar sensors designed for automakers, robotaxi, shuttle, and delivery companies.

General Laser is the exclusive European distributor of Innoviz Lidar sensors for non-automotive applications.

- Unitree Sensors

Unitree Robotics is an energetic start-up that focuses on the development of quadruped robots. In early 2023, the company released its first ultra-wide-angle Lidar sensor that is now also implemented in their latest robot – the Unitree Go 2.

- General Laser Scanners

With the goal of making high-precision handheld Lidar Scanners accessible to a wider audience, we developed our very own 3D Lidar Scanner. By combining an Ouster Lidar sensor with robust hard- and software, our system delivers exceptional value at an affordable price point, setting new standards in the industry.

Mobile Robots

- Unitree Quadruped

Expensive robots are a thing of the past, thanks to Unitree, a Chinese robotics manufacturer. In recent years, they have introduced consumer-grade quadruped robots with a focus on education and research applications.

General Laser, a European Distributor of Unitree Products, shares the goal of making these robots more accessible to a larger audience, spurring growth in the robotics market.

- AgileX Chassis

Developing a robotics project is much easier when you have access to the right platform. AgileX offers researchers and engineers capable sensor-carrying platforms and even complete kits that include Lidar sensors or RTK receivers.

General Laser is a distributor of AgileX mobile platforms in Europe.

- Autopilots and Payloads

Leveraging years of experience in product development and integration, General Laser developed its own autopilot systems. These are targeted at mobile robots but can be custom-tailored to your specific needs, if required

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IMUs and Navigators

- IMUs for Robotic Applications

In robotics, real-time motion and orientation data are crucial for safe and precise operations. IMUs are vital to a range of applications, from autonomous vehicles and drones to humanoids.

General Laser offers high-precision IMUs, ideally suited for robotic applications.

- IMUs for Construction and Agricultural Machinery

IMUs have become a fundamental component in modern construction and agricultural equipment. Without these devices, autonomous tractors and construction vehicles would not be feasible.

We offer high-precision IMUs for construction and agricultural applications.

- IMUs for Static Applications

IMUs can play a critical role in static applications that require accurate leveling of a surface. The applications range from concrete formwork and skyscraper construction to bridge, dam, and tunnel construction. When accuracy is important, relying on a robust and reliable IMU is essential.

- IMU+GNSS Navigation Systems

For high-precision navigation, pairing an IMU with a GNSS system is the ideal solution. Merging the data from both sensors eliminates inaccuracies caused by a single sensor. IMU+GNSS Systems represent an all-in-one navigation solution.

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Laser Distance Measuring Devices

- GL Mate 100

Meet the GL Mate 100, your new reliable solution for accurate distance measurements. Say goodbye to troublesome and inaccurate readings as this versatile device comes equipped with multiple modes for measuring angles, areas, and distances, making it a universal tool suitable for a wide range of applications.


- Quantum Systems / Trinity

Quantum Systems is a leader in the development of eVTOL UAS technology. Specializing in aerial intelligence and mapping services, their state-of-the-art aircraft are renowned for their professional applications. The esteemed partnership with Airbus Defence and Space displays the company's status.

General Laser proudly acts as a European distributor for Quantum Systems products.


  • Photogrammetry:
  • Agisoft Metashape is a stand-alone software solution that processes photogrammetric images and creates 3D spatial data. Its functionalities extend to GIS applications, cultural heritage documentation, and precise measurements of objects.

    - 3Dsurvey

    3Dsurvey is an all-in-one photogrammetry software designed for surveyors, combining user-friendly interface with powerful professional features like volume calculation and integrated CAD tools.

    General Laser is a distributor for 3Dsurvey products in Austria and Bulgaria.

  • Surveying:
  • - Emlid Flow

    Emlid Flow is the ultimate mobile land surveying app for Emlid GNSS receivers. The user-friendly interface enables a seamless set up of your receiver to conduct point collection and stakeout tasks. With the cloud-based Emlid Flow 360 application, your data syncs across all your devices, ensuring accessibility and convenience. Next to the free version, a paid Survey plan is available, unleashing the full potential of the app.

    - TPad

    TPad is a field surveying app for Android devices that works with every GNSS receiver that supports the NMEA protocol – including Emlid receivers. Powerful topographic CAD functions are built-in to the software so that you can efficiently handle the data on the field.

    - Rilievo

    Rilievo is an indoor surveying software that can be used on any Android device. After drawing a sketch in the app, the integrated AI automatically suggests a combination of diagonals that have to be measured with a distance-measuring device. With these measurements, the app generates centimeter-accurate plans, revolutionizing indoor surveying.

    - ITS Geo Solutions / GeoAce / ScanAce

    GeoAce turns your iOS device into a precise, centimeter-accurate surveying system. The software is using the latest technology including SLAM positioning, Augmented Reality, Lidar, and external GNSS to achieve unparalleled precision and simplicity.

    Note that GeoAce only works with Apple devices, that have a built-in Lidar sensor. These include iPhone 12/13/14 Pro (Max) and iPad Pro models.

    ScanAce is a professional 3D scanning app for surveyors, construction and utility workers, archeologists, architects, and GIS professionals. It transforms your smartphone or tablet into a handheld imaging laser scanner that creates accurate 3D models.

    General Laser is a distributor of GeoAce and ScanAce software, while also offering a complete kit that includes all the hardware you need. Click here to view the kit option.

    Apglos Survey Wizard is an easy-to-use land surveying app that can be paired with Emlid GNSS receivers. Next to traditional features like point collection and stakeout, the app also includes advanced drawing features such as using layers known from traditional CAD programs – all in the field.

    - €asy GIS

    €asy GIS is a powerful surveying software available for Android and Windows devices. Gathering data from satellites in space and WMS, the software is built for the future. All edits are synchronized across devices in real-time, effectively connecting surveyors on the field with the office.

    General Laser is a distributor of €asyGis software in Europe.